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RT6 Engineering – Electronic New Product Development

Innovating Innovation

New Product Development methods are flawed

Years of efforts go in to developing new products all based off of that one great idea that is born in isolation, developed in secret, and released with fanfare only to find that absolutely no one will buy the product. It happens over and over, at startups and Fortune 10 companies. Is it possible to prevent this from happening? Is it possible to develop only those products which have a great product-market fit and will be successful? Can the bad product idea be identified early, refined, iterated, and improved upon to become outstanding products? Or at least identified as soon as possible in their development to save years of effort?

All industries have dealt with similar difficulties, especially the Startup Community. Over they years, the Startup Community developed tools, methods, and techniques that test the product concept against reality quickly, enable testing products with minimal time and resources, and greatly increase the success of products. At RT6 Engineering we will take the tools, methods, and techniques developed for the software world and adapt them for physical product development.

Our journey of discovery, to develop a repeatable method to design successful new products, will begin on this Fall. Join us in developing a revolutionary new product.